Why are you thinking of joining this particular karate school?
Is it because: of flash advertising? You trust someone who says they are a Sensei or maybe a paid door to door salesman who says he is from the local karate school.

1    Has the school been recommended from a reliable source?  

2    How long has this school been in the area (a big percentage of karate schools close within 5 years)

3    Does the school have safety mats and other safety equipment?

4    Are you permitted to watch some classes?

5    Has the school a dynamic curriculum for each age group?

6    When asking to sight the clubs insurance is it given readily or are you fobbed off?

7    Are you being pressured to sign long term contracts?

8    Is the school clean and tidy?

9    Does the school feel warm and welcoming?

Don't forget to Google the owner/head instructor's name.
Sadly the working with children check doesn't cover
all criminal or drug dealer activities.



Don't take chances.
You could lose money or even worse,
break your child's heart when the school closes.


Click here for a recommended school.